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The Different Types of Caster Wheels and What They’re Used For

Find Out Which Type Is Perfect For Your Needs

There are many different types of caster wheels on the market, each with its own unique purpose. Some caster wheels are made for indoor use, while others are designed for outdoor applications.

The first type of caster wheel is the swivel caster. This type of caster has a ball-bearing swivel mechanism that allows it to rotate 360 degrees. Swivel casters are typically used on chairs, stools, and other furniture pieces that need to be able to move in all directions.

The second type of caster wheel is the rigid caster. Rigid casters have a fixed axle and cannot swivel. They are often used on carts and other heavy duty applications where mobility is not as important as stability.

Caster Wheels

The third type of caster wheel is the brake caster. Brake casters have a locking mechanism that prevents them from rolling when not in use. This makes them ideal for applications where you need to keep the caster in place, such as on a workbench or in a laboratory.

Pneumatic caster wheels are the fourth type of caster wheel. These casters have a air-filled tire that helps to absorb shocks and vibrations. They are often used on industrial equipment where a smooth ride is necessary.

The fifth and final type of caster wheel is the specialty caster. Specialty casters are designed for specific applications and may not be suitable for general use. Some examples of specialty casters include furniture casters, medical casters, and industrial casters.

When choosing caster wheels for your application, it is important to consider the weight of the load that will be placed on them. Heavier loads require stronger and more durable caster wheels. You should also consider the environment in which the caster wheels will be used. If you plan on using them outdoors, make sure they are made of materials that can withstand exposure to weather and other elements.